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The Amazing Race: Season 32

The Amazing Race is back with their 32nd season!

Keep up with the show! You can watch it on Wednesday nights starting October 14th on CBS at 9/8c.

Real TV Fantasy is excited to bring you a fantasy league to make your viewing experience even better! Real TV Fantasy allows you to customize your own fantasy league and tailor it to your own preferences. This will include deciding to do a Full Draft, Weekly Draft, or Team League (all described below) along with being able to customize the scoring for your personal league.

Full Draft: Everyone in your league drafts players, in a snake style draft, to be on their team until there are no more players left. Teams never change after that.

Weekly Redraft: Every week you have to pick players for your team. The amount of players you pick every week is determined by you.

Team: You pick a team when you sign up for the league (2-10 players). Adjust your lineup every week to start a players each week (1-5 players). Only starters points will count towards your total points.

All point totals are customizable whenever creating league (these point totals are the default)

* Scoring categories/fields are subject to change/be added once more info is known about the format of the show. *


  • Confessional (limited to 10 per episode): 1
  • 1st Place Overall: 100
  • 2nd Place Overall: 50
  • 3rd Place Overall: 25
  • 1st to a Pit Stop: 20
  • 2nd to a Pit Stop: 10
  • 3rd to a Pit Stop: 5
  • Contestant Completes a Roadblock (Only counts for the contestant that completes it. Not their partner): 10
  • Incurring a Penalty: -10
  • Switching Detours: -5
  • Start a leg in last and finish in first (stacks with 1st to a Pit Stop): 25
  • Survive a U-Turn: 15
  • Get an Express Pass: 10
  • Phil comes to see you to tell you your race is over (not making it to the mat): -30
  • Being Eliminated: -10
  • Survives Each Episode: 5


  • Physical Fighting: 25
  • Verbal Fighting: 15
  • Crying (Once per Setting): 10
  • Receives Medical Attention: 20
  • Contestant states they have a fear of water, heights, etc: 5
  • Vomiting: 10
  • Telling a cab driver to "drive fast", "hurry up", "we're in a race", etc: 5
  • Contestant says Hello to Phil as he is explaining a destination: 5


  • Nudity (Any Blurring): 25
  • Kissing (Must be on the lips. Once per setting): 10
  • States that they are playing for someone else at home: 5

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